Harlem Wizards raise money for basketball program


Photo courtesy of Tiger Tracks yearbook.

The Harlem Wizard nicknamed “Space Jam” goes for a dunk while “King Arthur” backs him up on the court during the fundraising game of 2017.

Harlem’s Wizards overpowered the Staff All-Stars in their annual visit on Nov. 8.The staff had felt that they were ready for this rivalry matchup.

“The rivalry is real, and the buckets will be real as well,” special services teacher Tim Pulley said pregame.

The staff practiced and hoped all their hard work would pay off against the Wizards. They had been working as a group and on their own.

“As a whole, we have all been visualizing our buckets and crossovers,” Pulley said. “Individually, we know we have to get up shots.”

Together, the group made what they thought was a winning game plan. Staff members believed that this game plan would prove to be a winner.

“Our plan is to catch them off guard and then win,” Pulley said. “I cannot give anymore details.”

The teachers believed they would be able to keep this game close. But no matter the result, the teachers had hoped that the game would be well attended.

“The students should come out because it really is a fun time,” Pulley said pregame, “And because Coach Pulley told them to.”

The game was hosted by the FHS Fast Break Club. Money from ticket sales went to help the school’s basketball teams this year.