Otaku Club unites Japan enthusiasts


Photo by Marie Gabbard.

President and senior Luke Dubec gives an introductory presentation during the call out meeting on Nov. 2.

Marie Gabbard, Reporter

People excitedly shout over each other about new games they want discuss or tv shows that they’ve seen recently in the newly formed Otaku Club.

Pokémon, anime and video games are the focuses that brings together this small, but passionate group of people. While each member may have a different interest, they all gather to share about what they are currently excited about.

On Nov. 2 in room A205 Otaku club had its first meeting to decide their focus and goals. The club was formerly known as Japanime, but it got a revamp after Japanime had issues with recruitment. Other students wanted to make a new club focusing on Pokémon and gaming. To bring together these two passions, Otaku club was formed.

Senior Anna Regelski came to the club because she loves both anime and Pokémon.

“Not only is Pokémon super popular, it gives you a place to meet people with similar interests,” Regelski said.

Senior Cooper Metz came to Otaku club because he was interested in anime specifically.

“It seems to be a place where people with common interests can come and talk about them and maybe discuss and discover more about the interest,” Metz said.

The club hopes to gain more members who will bring their own passions to the club.

When it comes to future plans for the club, they hope to continue with the less structured format where people can bring their own topics of discussion and interests with them.