Spanish Club embraces Hispanic culture


Photo by John Yun.

Junior Alexis Castellani and junior Candace Smallwood show off their skull candies that they decorated for the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos at the cafeteria for Spanish club during October.

John Yun and Laney Kyle

Strong aromas of hot chocolate fill the room on Nov. 1 as club members watch Coco, a Disney movie inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. While watching the movie, students enjoy Pan de Muerto, a sweet roll traditionally baked in Mexico for the holiday.

Spanish Club was created with the intention of allowing members to embrace the Spanish-speaking culture and get familiar with the foods and traditions of the people.

“We want to have as many members as possible this year,” Spanish teacher Stephanie Gutting said. “We want them to come to our meetings, enjoy our events and spread as much awareness of the Spanish-speaking culture.”

The students go to restaurants together, create crafts like skull candies that are popular during certain holidays and watch movies.

“It’s not a club where you are learning to speak Spanish or practicing grammar, but rather a time where you learn and embrace the culture,” Gutting said. “You interact with the culture in a different setting.”

Able to serve as an extension of the Spanish classes in the school, the club allows students to enjoy authentic Spanish-speaking foods and change the way they view the language they are learning.

“Spanish Club intertwines with a dedicated Spanish language class the full picture of Spanish learning,” junior Zach Lagpacan said. “It pairs language skills with cultural knowledge, often with the benefit of better understanding lingual nuances.”

The next meeting is on Dec. 5 in Gutting’s room A102. The club will be making White Elephant gift exchanges and singing holiday carols.

Video by Laney Kyle.