Spider-Man swings back into theaters


Photo by John Yun.

On Dec. 14, Junior Zach Lagpacan and Junior Mustafaa Munir stay after the “Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse” ends to see the post-credit scenes at the AMC Castleton Square 14 and IMAX.

Swinging from building to building and saving the city of New York, Spider-man has arrived in theaters once again. However, rather than a rebooted live-action film like its predecessors, “Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse” adds originality with its fully computer-animated graphics and unique story-line.

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” features a Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales who, after being bitten by a radioactive spider, turns into Spider-Man and meets others with his same powers. They must work together to fight Kingpin, a madman that wants to open portals into other universes.

The movie shocked me with its brilliant complements between the colors and the animation style that made the characters seem hand-drawn. Like a comic book coming to life, the movie has similar aspects to comics such as the use of text boxes and Ben-Day dots. The color that fills the movie almost seemed to leap off the screen and kept me transfixed on what was going on.

With the six different types of the character Spider-Man, the movie seems to celebrate diversity with several races and even animals as the superhero of their own universe. Just as it did in the movie “Black Panther,” Marvel seems to be moving towards more representation in their movies and expanding their horizons.

However, with the multiple types of superheroes, there was one that did not seem to fit the other characters. Peni Parker seems to differ from Spider-man as she does not shoot webs and climb walls but rather has a robot that is controlled by a spider who can do those tasks.

Furthermore, the references and villains confused me as the movie referred to the Spider-Man comics that I had never read. So, one of the problems was that I did not have a full background on the villains as I have not read the comic books from which the characters came, causing some confusion on the relationships between them and Spider-Man.

Yet with this small confusion, the movie was still enjoyable. The main actors were able to create a unique personality for each character and provide jokes that made me laugh and giggle.

Overall, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” uses unconventional computer animations and designs to draw the reader in with an array of colors and a comic book feel. Although the new characters caused some confusion, people must try this original work of art that has changed the future of computer animated movies.