Board Game Club branches out


Photo by Rebekah Schultz.

Senior Jacob Frollo and freshman Miles Morosi begin a game of chess at the club meeting on Jan. 17.

There is laughter and energy after school in classroom B133 every other Wednesday from the board game club playing their favorite board games.

Senior Jacob Frollo split from Chess Club and created his very own club called Board Game Club.

“The Board Game Club was born out of the Chess Club, but I decided it was too narrow a scope, so I expanded it to all board games,” Frollo said.

On average, the club brings in anywhere from three people at a club meeting or up to nine people.

“We would preferably like to bring in as many as possible, or around 15 to 20-ish people,” member freshman Miles Morosi said.

At the club meetings, the members bring in their own favorite board game and play against other people in the club. Since there are not as many people as Frollo hopes for, Board Game Club has only one game going at a time.

“I like to play ‘Settlers of Catan’ and ‘Ticket to Ride’,” Frollo said.

The next board game club meeting will be on Jan 30. With any questions contact the club sponsor John Brooks at [email protected].