Cru students travel around the world, spread their religion


Photo used with permission by Brynn McCollister.

Junior Brynn McCollister (right) poses with friends from Cru on their mission trip in Puerto Rico.

Students pile into the CCA as they prepare for the evenings events of snacks, mingling and discussing their religion. This is Cru, which meets every Monday at 7:17 PM and acts as a form of bible study for teenagers.

“I like Cru because it pushes me to be more involved with my faith and my community,” junior Brynn McCollister said. “It inspires me to care for others more because of the way Jesus Christ cares for me.”

Cru, sponsored by science teacher Tammy Snyder, also plans other events like retreats and mission trips. The most recent outing being a mission trip to Puerto Rico that students like McCollister attended.

“I was reminded on the trip that it is my priority to share my faith with others and to love others as well,” McCollister said. “It is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.”

Other students, like senior Hannah Patrice, also attended the mission trip and had a similar experience to McCollister.

“My faith deepened in several ways while I was there,” Patrice said. “I learned so much about myself and God’s faithfulness, goodness and unfailing love for everyone.”

The club is planning a second mission trip to Ecuador this summer with the intent of spreading their faith and helping the communities there. For more information on this trip or future ones, contact Snyder or attend the next Cru meeting on Monday in the auditorium.

“I would love to go on more mission trips in the future,” McCollister said. “I’m considering a gap year and possibly even a career with Cru in Puerto Rico.”