Club Med provides helpful resources for students


Seniors Sarita Pantula and Emma Burns promote the first club meeting for Club Med.

Providing many opportunities for students to delve deeper and understand the medical field they wish to pursue, Club Med had their first meeting on Aug 27.

“The purpose of Club Med is to give people who have an interest in the medical field a chance to learn more about it and what jobs may look like,” senior Emma Burns said.

The club has many activities planned, including guest speakers who are professionals in the medical field, a trip to a cadaver lab, the Ronald McDonald house and a dissection.

A cadaver lab is where professionals or students use dead bodies to conduct research, train and develop new techniques. Also, the Ronald McDonald House is a charity that provides hospitality for families with sick children.

“Not only do we try to educate the members with speakers and hands-on experiences but we also want them to see how they can make a difference through a medical profession,” Burns said. “This is truly shown when we help out at the Ronald McDonald house.”

Senior Sarita Pantula says that she wishes to help the club grow even more and believes the club was created to help students see what their future would look like in their respective medical fields.

“We are open to any students to join our club and are always welcoming new members who have any sort of interest in the medical world,” Pantula said.

The next meeting for Club Med will be in September, but the exact date is unknown. Text @fhsclubmed to 81010 and the leaders will be sending the exact date out to all those who are interested in joining the club.