Fisher’s Lit Mag returns


Ben Grantonic

A copy of 2018’s Lit Mag “The Montage”

High schoolers are inherently emotional people. Artists just so happen to also be emotional people, so it’s no wonder that Fishers has a magazine for everyone to submit their personal works into. The Fishers Literary Magazine, despite its name suggesting a purely word-based medium, it does accept photographs, some of which may even feature on the cover of Lit Mag’s publication, The Montage. Submissions are to be sent to [email protected]

Given the nature of the works published, Lit Mag does not have the same requirements as a class or newspaper. Actually it does not have requirements.

“A document with a single word could be sent and as long as it has a name to published under, it could make it to the final print,” senior and club head Tori Kalman said. “Of course, most people send more than just one word.”

However, Lit Mag does not have the support some other clubs have. For instance last year, The Montage was never printed.

“I’m hoping to sell [The Montage] in school sometime this year to raise funding and awareness for the club,” Kalman said.

The media center holds most of the past editions, so anyone can see what might be in the new edition might be like. It is important to remember that they will change every year, though, so each edition is new and unique.