Coding Club develops new additions in turn with FHSched website


Photo by Lily Thomas

Juniors Ben Lilley and Matt Ghera work on an upcoming calendar for FHSched website during club meeting on Sept. 24.

Paving the way for young coders to come, members of the Coding Club created a website called FHSched that consists of varying bell schedules. The website shows the time each period begins and ends and provides a countdown for both passing periods and class times.

While the club meets every Monday and Tuesday, most of the actual coding occurs remotely, making after-school meetings a time to share ideas and get help if needed. The club, which started in March, has fifteen official members that contribute to the club in different ways.

“Dane [Trainor] and I kind of thought of the idea,” junior Matt Ghera said. “We were just thinking of cool ideas we could come up with and we landed on this. We were like ‘We really have to start this because it’s such a good idea.’”

Anyone interested may still join, however, Ghera recommends new members have prior coding experience as it makes it easier on the club as a whole. New plans for the future include a calendar and announcements for FHSched, which will be further developed into an IOS app.

“I like the opportunities in it [the club],” junior John Eberle said. “It’s not all coding. I work on business and researching different business ideas to find opportunities to expand it.”

Currently, FHSched is sponsored by the Indiana Army National Guard and features a “meet the team” page. The club’s next meeting will be after school on Oct. 7 in room C211.

“I think that a lot of people come in here thinking that they are going to be working on the main site and that’s all they’re going to be doing, but when they join they realize that a lot of it is up to them,” junior Ben Lilley said. “So that freedom to decide what you want to work on, it is probably my favorite part.”