Headless horseman returns to Conner Prairie


Photo courtesy of Kristine Brown

In 2015, a man in a pumpkin head mask waits in the woods of Conner Prairie to scare guests as they walk by.

It’s October, which means that fall break is coming up and Halloween is approaching quickly. During fall break, students will have a week to enjoy the weather before second quarter starts, but often they don’t have anything to do in that week.

An opportunity to get together with friends during fall break is at Conner Prairie. Their headless horseman attraction goes on during the weekends of October 10th, 17th, and 24th. The gates are open at 6 and stay open until 9, while the hayride may take place after 10. There are various booths and activities guests can partake in to pass the time while they wait to take a journey on the headless horseman hayride.

Senior Mia Stahl went with her friends two years ago and said that her group picked and chose what they did, and got to spend a lot of time at the hill sleds. Stahl also said that it was not scary for her, but there were people on the carts that screamed when the horseman showed up. Stahl mentioned that it was a milder version of something like Indy Screampark, but was still a lot of fun and got her into the October mood.

“It’s definitely something you can take kids to. I wouldn’t say little kids, but if you took kids to it they’d be okay .” Stahl said. “I think that it’s a lot of fun. It’s just a different experience and really October, and it kinda gets you in the mood for the Halloween season.”