Egg baby project teaches about adulthood


Photo by Maria Galosi.

Junior Trey Warren hold his baby egg, which was decorated with red string and sharpie.

Baby fever is one of the many crazes running through the minds of high school girls. The chubby bright red cheeks, the full plump rolly body, the cooing and laughter of an infant.

Babysitting is nothing like the role of a full time parent. Going into the egg baby project students like junior Paulina Alavar expect to just keep the egg in sight and to not forget it.

“Nope this project attempts to prepare and opens students eyes to real life parenting.” Said senior Kaitlyn Van Hull.

With this project you must take the egg everywhere, find a babysitter for the times needed, spend 30 min walking or rocking the egg, along with learning the physical needs of a life like child-situations, we also dive into parenting styles and the social-emotional developmental milestones a child should reach. The projects sheds light on the time consumption, mental readiness and financial needs to be ready to support yourself and another human being.