Clubs face another setback as HSE Schools return to virtual learning


Photo by Kathleen Tran.

Senior FSN member Jackson Williams points his camera towards the action during a football game against Pike on Aug. 28. Fishers lost 28-24.

Nicholas Rasmusson, Reporter

As HSE Schools return to 100% virtual learning, clubs are adapting to the new educational environment. Though COVID-19 accommodations had previously been in place, such as holding meetings virtually, more changes will be enacted.

Fishers Sports Network

Fishers Sports Network (FSN) is a club that broadcasts sporting events for fans to watch remotely. Senior Sean Paree-Huff, a member of FSN, played baseball from kindergarten to eighth grade, but once he reached high school, his priorities shifted, and he stepped away from baseball. When Paree-Huff discovered FSN, it gave him the opportunity to stay involved in sports.

“I have always been connected to sports, so when I found this club, I was excited I could participate in athletics outside of being an athlete,” Paree-Huff said.

Paree-Huff said that COVID-19 has caused some changes to the club he has known throughout his high school career,  including where they can broadcast.

“Most years, we travel to broadcast every football game, every sectional, and some nearby games for other sports,” Paree-Huff said. “This year due to COVID, we are only broadcasting at home games.”

Paree-Huff emphasized that FSN appeals to people with many different interests, including people who are not sports fanatics, like himself.

“The club is perfect for anyone who is interested in public speaking, broadcast production or sports in general,” Paree-Huff said.

Pep Band

Pep Band is a club that plays music at sporting events and other school activities. The Pep Band attends home basketball games and pep rallies, and they play music to excite the crowd. With the recent changes in COVID-19 protocols, it is unlikely that the Pep Band will get to play at either of these events, but junior Carson Puls assures students that Pep Band is still worth participating in.

“A lot of my friends do it, and it was an extra thing to spend time with them,” Puls said. “Plus, it combines two of the things I love, band and sports, so it’s a win-win for me.”

Puls highlighted that Pep Band is a fun after-school activity and that anyone who participates in band should do it if possible. He describes that the members are tight-knit, like a family.

“Do it,” Puls said. “Even if you don’t have any friends in it, you’ll make friends. It’s just fun.”

German Club

German Club is one of many clubs offered that digs deeper into global cultures. German Club has made some adjustments this year, such as taking field trips off their first-semester schedule, but they have found other ways to learn more about German culture. 

“In a normal year, we would go to German restaurants and eat German food, but we have not done that this year because of COVID, so this year we have just watched movies,” junior Ben Jeschke said.

Jeschke, who takes German, chose to take this club because he enjoys the language and has many friends who also participate. Jeschke says that the German club is great for anyone who wants to know more about everyday German life.

“It’s stress-free and easygoing, and you just come to learn more about German culture,” Jeschke said.

There are over 60 clubs offered throughout the school, ranging in size and variety. To learn more about these clubs, visit the club list, located on the school website.