Instruct, tutor and connect

Fishers High School tutors.


Photo by Lainey Akins.

FHS Tutors club leaders stand at the front of the classroom and describe aspects of the club. Photo was taken at the FHS Tutors call out meeting on August 23, 2022.

   The school year has just started, which means clubs are beginning to kick off. With exciting, new clubs emerging -and old clubs still growing- it is a great time to highlight a student created club that has gained popularity this year. FHS Tutors is a club that focuses on tutoring students at the junior high level, with plans to soon expand to the intermediate levels. Senior, Sankalp Srivastava serves as president, and runs the club alongside vice President sophomore Sharanya Srivastava, his sister. 

   “Last year, getting people to do the club was difficult,” Sankalp said. “We didn’t have the club fair, we didn’t have all that. But, we went from 20 kids last year to around 67 in our calling meeting, so we … over tripled in size.”   

    An important part of tutoring is the relationships built with the kids. 

   “One of our tutors, Ben Connelly, has this kid [Alex] who, every single week, whenever [Ben] showed up, he always would say ‘Ben! Ben!’” Sankalp said. 

   The kids seem to have an effect on their tutors as well. 

   “One of our sponsors was going through something- and we got her these gifts,” Sharanya said. “Seeing her face be so happy to see that there were kids there who loved her and appreciated her.” 

Sankalp Srivastava holds “Terry the Alligator” while describing aspects of FHS Tutors. Photo was taken at the FHS Tutors call out meeting on August 23, 2022. (Photo by Lainey Akins.)

   Similar to the relationships with the kids that they tutor, the members also have a caring and supportive environment with each other. 

   “The members in the club have a super tight bond,” Sharanya said. “I could go to any of them if I had any issues or anything. They’re all like my older siblings or like it’s just a second family to me.”

   The leaders recommended that any students interested should join, and that time commitment is not an issue. 

   “Come when you want and can,” Sankalp said. “It’s just more about getting to know the students around you and being able to tutor someone and help our community.”

   The members are preparing for another year of tutoring, with a goal of helping more kids and making more memories.  

   “Last year [was] just super sweet and so rewarding,” Sharanya said. “I’m like, wow, what I’m doing is making a difference.”