Students use their helping hands to lift the community

Natalie Lueung, Staff Reporter

Interact Club is all about supporting, assisting and benefiting a needy community. It is a community service organization sponsored by the Fishers Rotary Club, which helps to provide resources for the projects and activities.

“Interact looks great on college applications. Most colleges recognize and are aware of what Interact Club is. It’s a great bonus besides the enjoyment we all receive from helping others out,” said senior Alyssa Vogelgesang.

Several Interact Club community service projects are held throughout the year. The club is in charge of the annual canned food drive, held every December. They also deliver dictionaries to third graders in the entire district every year.

According to Vogelgesang the ‘Water is Life’ project has been a big engagement over the years, t-shirts and water bottles are sold to raise money to help build at least one hundred wells in Sierra Leone.

“Enough money has been raised for these one hundred [wells], now we’re on to build one hundred more,” Vogelgesang said.

There are no required hours, although there are two major events per semester students are encouraged to participate in. Retirement homes are visited monthly. Club members also help out the local humane society and do river and community clean-ups.

“People who love and find enjoyment in helping their community are in the club,” Vogelgesang said.

Anybody can join this club at anytime.  Every other Tuesday Interact club meets at 7:00 a.m. in C104. Anyone interested in joining may contact teacher sponsors Amy Asher or Lisa Brown. For more details, go to any of the student officers; Linh Ha, Mary Oekler, Sue Pak, Andrea Cruz or Alyssa Vogelgesang. There is also a Facebook page titled Indiana FHS Interact Club.