Laundry leads to looking lovely


A washer, dryer and proper cleaning supplies are all you need for fresh smelling clothes.

Busting open your closet door, erratically sifting through hangers, digging through drawers of clothes, all to find your favorite outfit in the hamper: a common headache when laundry is not done yet. When times call for specific clothes, no one wants to wait for their parents to do their laundry.

Obtaining the skills to wash and dry clothes beforehand is an excellent resolution to this predicament. Not only will preferred outfits be ready to go, but having clean clothes will make for a healthier, more pleasant lifestyle.

“It’s helped me in the fact that I can be efficient with getting my clothes clean. I don’t have to rely on my mom or my dad to do it for me. So if I have something that I need washed for the next day, I can just do it myself and have it done,” senior Juliette Jensen said of doing her own laundry.

When living independently, in college, or any other circumstance that requires taking care of oneself, it is necessary to have proper knowledge in personal hygiene. Having clean clothes at hand will rid the stink of living life in dirty clothes. Having the know-how in doing laundry is fundamental when taking care of a family too.

“It’ll help me when I go to college and when I start my own family, and I’ll be more proficient with my housework,” Jensen said.

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