Easy ways to relieve stress coming into the new year



With simple pages and designs, coloring can be calming and relaxing. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

‘New year, new me’ is a commonly said phrase among many students this time of year. There are many resolutions people can make every year, staying stress free can be one of them.

Bubble baths, exercise or sleep are commonly known ways to relieve stress but there are many more unique ways to unwind and feel calm when times get stressful.

Adult coloring books, crafting, reading a biography or simply laying down can be major stress relievers. According to CNN, adult coloring books have been proven to bring anxiety levels down significantly. This is due to the effect of focusing on one simple thing, such as coloring and not the many things that can be the cause of anxiety. Although, doodling did not have the same effect as the coloring books. Coloring gives the feeling of precision, which can be very relieving when feeling scattered and unorganized. Adult coloring books can be found at Urban Outfitters or Barnes and Noble with a variety of themes to color available.

“I love using adult coloring books when I am feeling stressed or need to take my mind off of something,” sophomore Claire Arick said.

Reading a biography may seem odd but it can be very reassuring. Seeing what others went through and their problems they had to deal  with can put a lot of things into perspective when feeling stressed with multiple problems. Reading what someone had to struggle with helps to see that some problems are very small and may help you move on from stressing about them. Read a biography at biography.com

Laying down may seem like a simple everyday thing but laying down can be one the most calming things to do when feeling overwhelmed. Laying down releases stress and pressure from major joints and with this, releasing stress on a psychlogical level. Also, just putting your body in a differen postion can relieve stress and get the mind flowing.

So the next time stress seems to creep up, try some of these methods so unwind and calm down. Find more ways to relax here.