Prom: Updates on the Venue on the Menu


Juniors and seniors can purchase up to two tickets, 50 dollars each, at the booth located outside Cafe B.

With the bright lights of prom just around the corner, some new details have released since N the Red covered it in a print article on April 9.   Prom will be at the Children’s Museum in downtown Indianapolis from 7:30pm till 11:00pm on April 21st.

Prom coordinators, Spanish teacher Stephenie Gutting, marketing teacher Shawn Crull and Social Studies teacher Jenna Pritchard, scheduled and planned out all the prom ideas. Crull chose the theme “Flashing Lights” because the venue will provide different lights and colors than the previous year.

The coordinators worked with the museum representative to decide that the American POP and Carousel exhibits will be open for the attendees. Finger food, water, soda and deserts will be provided. Parking will be in the the Children’s Museum Garage and the coordinators said students will use the catwalk to enter the museum.

Tickets will be available right outside Cafe B for 50 dollars per ticket, limited two a person. Purchases can be made only with cash or check. Only Juniors and seniors can purchase tickets. Remember to have your student ID with you or skyward ID pulled up.