Teachers of the year accept accolades


Students pose around English teacher Shanna McCabe after surprising her with the announcement that she was given the FHS Teacher of the Year award on Apr. 27. Photo used with permission of Shanna McCabe.

Ashley Steele, Reporter

Social Studies teacher Liz Paternoster and English teacher Shanna McCabe received the FHS Teacher of the Year award due to their hard work and dedication to their job.

Each year teachers are able to nominate other teachers for the award. In the nomination form they explain why they believe their nominee deserves the award.

“It feels good to be recognized,” Paternoster said. “There are many other teachers who should be recognized, so I hope students take a moment this week to thank their teachers because it’s Teacher’s Appreciation Week.”

Both Paternoster and McCabe believe that their dedication to their students is what got them nominated.

“I think I was chosen because people noticed how much time I put into doing my job well, and always wanting to be the best that I can be,” McCabe said. “If that means reworking a lesson mid-way through the day or spending time with students before school; during lunch; after school or on my prep. I work with a lot of different teachers, counselors and administrators to make sure that students feel supported.”

After getting this award, both teachers said that they’ve received numerous congratulations from students and staff members.

“The sweetest part of all of this is those who will come up to me after they’ve heard that I’ve gotten this honor and told me that it was well deserved,” McCabe said. “That is the most validating compliment that I could ask for.”

With the FHS Teacher of the Year award, Paternoster and McCabe have also been nominated for the district Teacher of the Year award. This will be announced on May 29, the last day of school for teachers.