Teachers enjoy time off during fall break


Picture used with permission of Haley Caré

Caré and her husband on the Cliff of Moher in Ireland during her fall break trip.

Greece, Germany, and Austria are one of the few places that the FHS teachers visited during their fall break. Visiting castles, and exploring the country itself and many other attractions, some teachers staying home and enjoying their company.

Mrs. Caré

Mrs. Haley Caré this fall break visited Ireland, Germany, and Austria with her husband. Their favorite place they visited was the Cliff of Moher in Ireland where ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ was filmed. Caré rates her trip a 10/10 and are already planning their next trip.

Coach Wimmer

Football was what Coach Rick Wimmer was up to this fall break. It was worth it to Wimmer due to the success of the football team last Friday night against Zionsville. “Dylan Scally had his best game in his career rushing for 180 yards and two touchdowns,” said Wimmer. “Our defense came up w/ 4 take-a-ways to get us the win.” He doesn’t mind working on football again next fall break if they have a game scheduled around the same time.

Mrs. Hernandez

Mrs. Carly Hernandez was at Greece cooking classes, sailing on a catamaran, riding ATV’s all around Greece this fall break with her husband. She went to Mykanos and Santorini and although it was a lot of traveling, she believed it was worth it. Hernandez plans on visiting someplace new next year due to her love of traveling.

Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Paul Kennedy stayed home this fall break taking care of his son Joey who is now 16 months. Hey enjoyed it and would happily repeat his fall break again next year.

Mr. Goodwin

Czech Republic and Germany are where Mr. Kyle Goodwin decided to go this year during his fall break. He went on his solo trip hiking through Southern Germany. He would rate his trip a solid 9 and would love to travel more next year.

Mrs. Morarity

At the Happiest Place on Earth, Mrs. Morarity went to Disney World with her husband and two daughters. They went to all four parks and stayed on the grounds, although Morarity says she wishes she did not because they did not stay at the resort much. They also received fast passes for free from an employee who wanted to better their stay.

“The highlights were taking my daughters to the Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party,” Morarity said. “There were so many amazing costumes and the ride times were a lot shorter. We also loved the sand bottom pool and water slides at the Beach Club.”