Future Black Leaders creates environment for thriving


Photo by Fletcher Haltom

Future Black Leaders of America, a club at FHS, aims to promote excellence, equity, and empowerment in the school and the community.

Excellence, equity and empowerment are key themes and values for the Future Black Leaders of America club. The members of this club focus on these key themes and values in order to become more productive citizens and promote positive change in the community.

“The mission of FBL is to radiate excellence, promote racial equity, and empower black leadership,” club co-sponsor Michael Harris said.

In the club, members participate in community events, volunteer activities, and professional development. All of these events and activities help members achieve the goals of the club.

Promoting racial equality, radiating excellence, and empowering black leadership are just some of the goals for the club. Though the club, members learn lessons in leadership and creating change, which helps members achieve these goals.

“Personally, I want students to learn how to be productive civil servants who promote positive change in whatever path they take in life,” Harris said.

The club is important because it gives students a voice to express their opinions. Not all students feel that their opinion is heard, and the club offers an outlet for students to express themselves and their opinions without fear of judgement.

“Unfortunately, many of our Black and Brown students feel marginalized by other clubs/societies here at school and feel that their voices aren’t being heard,” Harris said. “FBL empowers them to use their voice as a force for good and enables them to use their leadership skills to affect change in their community.

Anyone, regardless of their ethnic background, is encouraged to become a member of the club, which meets in room H136 after school on Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:00 PM.

“I would advise any student at Fishers High School who believes in community engagement, racial equity, and the empowerment of student leadership to join Future Black Leaders Club,” Harris said.