Kohler becomes a teacher after seven years

Alexis Edenfield, Business Manager

For the past six years Chad Kohler has worked here in the building as a percussion director but this is the first year where he is finally a teacher.Getting his degrees from three different schools: University of Kentucky (undergraduate-teaching), University of Akron (masters-music), Crossroads bible college (masters-biblical).
Being a part of the staff now makes him feel more complete.“I feel more part of the team now. I get to learn more about different teaching skills from my peers around me,” Kohler said.Later in life he realized he wanted to teach so Kohler finished getting his teaching degree in music.

“By having a degree in youth ministry I am able to work with youth through my zeal of music,” says Kohler.

“[My goals] are to allow students to have a desire to want to practice all the time to improve their musical talents,” Kohler says. “I want them to push themselves to accomplish everything they do at an 100 percent.”