Reddan combines science and sports

Troy Dickens

Science teacher Daniel Reddan teaches his first full year of high school.

“I really love this school,” said Reddan. “I enjoy how the daily routine is never the same.”

Reddan is from the the outskirts of Detroit and attended the University of Michigan. After college he debated over if he wanted to be a teacher or not. Reddan made the decision to be one three years ago.

He started teaching Biology at Eastern Hancock School for a semester before coming here. Not only does Reddan teach science, he also coaches athletics.

“I am the coach of the JV and freshman basketball team,” said Reddan. “I also coach high jump [for all track teams] during the year.”

His goals for this year include helping his students be over-prepared for the end of course assessments and to help the athletic students be healthy to win.