Academic team wins opening Brain Game contest

Ryan Ahler, Copy Editor

FHS academic team sent four of its members to compete on WTHR’s Brain Game quiz show on September 25. Senior Kyle Pratt, Junior Emily Reilly, junior Thomas Ritz and senior Clay Thomas comprised the FHS team and they defeated Lawrence North by a score of 30-12.

“I was extremely impressed. This was the first game of the year for the entire Brain Game season, so I am very very proud,” said Academic team coach and Spanish teacher, Patrick McDaniel.

Brain Game is a jeopardy-like competition that is held between high schools, it airs on Saturdays at 7:00pm on WTHR. The FHS vs. Lawrence North match aired on October 5, but is available on WTHR’s website. The Tigers will compete at least one more time this year, but time and opponent is yet to be determined.