Mock Trial practices court cases


Stephanie Amador , Reporter

“[Mock Trial] gets you to really open up  to other people and it gets you out of your shell.”  Wheeler said.”

Mock trial is a program created for high school students to practice what a real trial might experience . It is beneficial for students because it helps them open up to people and it is a good way to see what an happens during a real trial, according to junior Kaitlyn Wheeler. The students practice every Monday and their trials are about an hour long in social studies teacher Elizabeth Paternoster’s room, B210. Also works with Mike Whipple, a official FHS substitute teacher.

“[Mock Trail] gets you to really open up  to other people and it gets you out of your shell.”  Wheeler said.

The fake court cases are presented in a real the courtroom. Just like any other court cases there are witnesses, prosecutors and attorneys.  These cases are created by Indiana Mock Trial Association.The competitions go to district and with other schools. The teams are judged by real judges, on how well you pay attention and understand the objections of the case and give proper questions and statements to see how well you are prepared for the case.

Mock Trial
Junior Kaitlyn Wheeler goes over paper work for her trial. – picture taken by Stephanie Amador

Recently a local attorney from Thrasher Buschmann and Voelkel, P.C. Steven Earnhart came  and critiqued the trail that the students prepared for their next competition in January. He gave advice and talked about how to break down the questions and gives specific details with the cases that can help them win the competition.

Competition starts in January 14 on a Wednesday. Since mock trial is separated by attorneys and prosecutors depending on their schedule one of the two groups will go first to go against with other high school teams.