New teaching facilities in the College and Career Academy


The new facilities have sliding glass doors and new tables and chairs.

Lia Benvenutti, Reporter

As the new school year begins, everyone has been adjusting to the new additions to the building. For some this is easier than others, and this is no different for the teachers here at FHS.
The new open classroom atmosphere makes it easier to teach according to Mr. Freed of the Math Department. “Now I have more space to spread out and i do think that this helps to relax students a little bit more,” he says.
Mrs. Banitt of the Science Department also likes the ability to expand outside the general classroom. “If we have a big project or I need space to do an activity, there’s enough room to do it,” she says. The new science labs also give more opportunities for students to spread out and do experiments on their own rather than just watching demonstrations.
These new facilities provide extensive opportunities for different kinds of learning here at FHS, and those teaching here plan to use them accordingly.