Donations that “shave” lifes for younglings at Riley Children’s Hospital


Students vote on which teachers had the best beard by donating money to Riley. The final round ended on Dec. 4 with business teacher Shawn Crull having the best beard. Photo by Maggie Lewellen.

  As Heidi Klum says in Project Runway, “One day you’re in and the next day, you’re out.”

  The results are in. Multiple teachers participated in No Shave November to help raise money for Riley’s Children hospital. Teachers like Heitkamp, Colby, and Ulrey participated and used methods to keep the excitement and joy of donating.

  Mr. Colby held a giveaway to students who donated at least a dollar. Colby, as well, had a rap off vs Mr. Smith (tech teacher) during announcements.

  Some teachers decided to have students pay to get rewards. Mr. Ulrey had chosen a different method from other teachers.

  “He didn’t want to sell anything because he thought that was wrong so instead what he wanted to do was set a psp up in the room next to him and have kids pay to play. What he also did was he put a Nintendo 64 in the CCA for kids to pay and play. He didn’t really do anything else. Other kids donated to him because he asked,” sophomore, son of Mr. Ulrey, Cameron Ulrey said.

  The teacher who won was Mr. Crull. He made a bet to have his head shaved on the announcements, if he was to win.

  On Dec. 7, Crull came on the announcements and said that he would go through with it and held a raffle, from all the kids who donated, to have one lucky student shave his head.

  The fundraiser was a success! The school raised over $8,900 for the Riley Children’s hospital this year.