Poetry Club encourages students to join


Poetry Club member senior Heather Hollis drafts her next upcoming poem on Dec. 8.

Linda Chang, Features Editor

Edgar Allen Poe. Dr. Seuss. Robert Frost. Shakespeare. All of these are the names of famous poets that people may know and cherish today. However, these writers did not just wake up one day and write a masterpiece. The majority of these writers started off their careers when they were young.

Students may not know that there is a Poetry Club at this school in which students can come in and share their own works of poetry with other peers.

“Poetry club is really neat,” club member senior Heather Hollis said. “Anyone can come in and be surrounded by people who they have things in common with. It is nice being around people who also feel the need to express their thoughts through words.”

During the club meetings, students start off with sharing their poetry one by one, then have a co-writing activity with one another in order to strengthen their abilities. Following this activity, the students engage in an improv session where they all contribute a line into one massive piece of writing.

As of right now, the club has 15 members but are always looking for more.

“Anyone can and should join,” Hollis said. “You do not need any writing experience. Just come in, share your work and hang with us. If not, you can always just listen and observe.”

The club meets every other Wednesday in the media center from 3-4 p.m. For more information on Poetry Club or how to join, email [email protected].