Euchre club hopes to deal in new players


Euchre club members play a game of Euchre before school on Feb. 19.

Linda Chang, Features Editor

   Every Friday at 7 a.m., students gather in front of H205 and sit down to play a game of Euchre. Euchre club is one of the several clubs that may be overlooked at the school.

   “My older brother created this club in 2009. He and his friends would come in Friday mornings, eat donuts and play some Euchre, and today, we still keep that tradition alive,” Euchre club president senior Katie Colvin said.

    Euchre is a card game that was invented in 1860 and it was the game responsible for a deck of cards to have jokers. Euchre was introduced into the United States by the early German settlers in the Midwest and from that region the game gradually spread around.

   The card game is known as a “trick-taking” game. In conventional Euchre, there are four people in two partnerships, with a deck of 24 or 32 standard playing cards. Although there may be many aspects and rules to the card game, it is easy to learn.

   “We come and sit down at a table and depending on who comes at the same time, you just play with whoever is there. This allows us to play with different people every week, and if we get new players who don’t know how to play, we can always simply teach them and they will eventually catch on,” Colvin said.

   The club currently has 25 members and are constantly looking for more. They meet every Friday at 7 a.m. in H205 and play as many games as they can until classes start that morning.

   “We always have five or six games going and are always accepting new members. Any student can come and jump in a game whenever you want to,” Colvin said.

   To learn more about Euchre or how to play, visit or stop by the Euchre club Friday mornings.