Students are devoted to making the community a better place


Interact Club leaders talk to students about events and information in English and club sponsor, Lauren Glasco’s room, H107. Photo by Tiger Tracks.

Sawyer Osmun, Reporter


The willingness of students who want to serve their community is what Interact Club is all about as members participate in both in-school and extracurricular community service events.

Students may join at any part of the year and attend any meetings or events. Students from multiple schools join and work on local projects. The club is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Fishers; The two sponsors through the organization are Staci Woods and Kathleen Wiemold.

“There is a lot you receive out of volunteering, contrary to popular belief, and it is also a great opportunity to meet new people and work with others,” co-president senior Ashley Steffen said.

This year the club will no longer have a service hour requirement as they have in past years. This change has shown more motivation from the students to join because there is no specific time commitment.

The club has previously teamed up with Leaders for Fishers and Food Rescue and are planning on working with more clubs in the future for school events.

“[Students] should learn that it is important to share your skills and resources with others who need it. A majority of the time, the resource that they are giving is their time, but there are also things that we do that require money or donations that we participate in,” Steffen said.

The next Interact Club meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 9. in English teacher Lauren Glasco’s room, H107, from 3-4 P.M. For more information about events and meetings, contact Glasco here.