Ultimate frisbee club prepares for upcoming tournaments


Frisbee Club meets three days a week on Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday, by the soccer and rugby field at 3:30. Photo by Haley Burris.

Alaina Gabbard , Reporter

Ultimate frisbee team has 22 members and a third place title from last year’s state tournament, the group is ready to keep growing.

During practices, ultimate frisbee members focus their time on scrimmages and drills that work on throwing and catching.

“The best part of competing is being able to do it with all my friends. It seems to be something we all love to do,” senior Lucas Lawyer said.

Frisbee team competes in four to five tournaments each season that lasts all school year. They face 10 other teams in state schools and two out of state tournaments where the team competes with 20 to 30 other schools.

“Frisbee means a lot to me. It is pretty much defies everything I have done in high school and I plan on continuing after high school,” Lawyer said.

Frisbee club encourages anybody to join at anytime of the year, any age and at any skill level. If any questions contact Robby Workman.