Workout Wednesdays promotes healthy living style


AP Music Therory practices lines out loud after Johnson reads them aloud. Photo by Alaina Gabbard

Students meet in room F117 every Wednesday after school to work out with music teacher Gregory Johnson for the Workout Wednesdays Club. Johnson made the club in September to promote healthy habits among students. 

“Joining this club is beneficial to the overall health and fitness of our FHS students,” Johnson said  “In our American culture, we tend to be sedentary and eat poorly due to the cheap and easy accessed fast food chains at every corner.” 

Club members do a variety of exercises like Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Fire, 21-Day Fix and T-25. Their workouts are provided by Beach Body workout, an at-home-work out system.

“This club promotes healthy living and getting into healthy habits from a young age,” Johnson said  “Also, I have found that when there is a free opportunity to workout with other people, students are more apt to exercise regularly than if they try to stay motivated alone.”

About eight to ten people per week attend the club. This club is open to anybody that wants to join. Right now there are an equal number of girls and guys that are apart of  this club.

“Competitive sports is not for everyone and this club allows for students who are not involved in any organized physical activity at school to remain physically active,” Johnson said.