3D Printing Club molds ideas into reality


Freshman Axel Hausman and freshman Mark Lamberth set up their Fusion 360 account to begin modeling. Photo by Hallie Gallinat.

Hallie Gallinat, Reporter

For anyone wanting to craft their own plastic creations, the 3D Printing Club sponsored by Renee Isom gives them the time and materials to do so.


Spanning across the month of October, the club meets in the library until 4:30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Freshman Patrick Nusbaum created the club.


“Over the summer I built my own 3D printer and it was so much fun,” Nusbaum said. “When I realized that the school had a 3D printer that hardly anyone used, I thought that was a little sad. So I thought of the 3D Printing club, where we can teach students how to model and create whatever they want.”


All throughout the month, students learn lessons from Nusbaum about 3D printing, which these meetings are required. If a student misses a day, lessons will be posted online for them so they can continue their creations.


The process of 3D printing involves using a program called Fusion360, which members of the club get on their school computers.


“First you have to model the plastic and from there we take it to the slicer, which slices it into layers,” Nusbaum said. “The printer reads the code and it can print off each layer until you have a final product.”


Club entry costs $5, due to the costs of the plastic and the process of melting it.


If you have questions about the 3D Printing club, contact Renee Isom at [email protected].