Worshippers gather in the FCA


Softball player senior Sydney Milburn shares scripture to FCA club members at an FCA meeting in the LGI on Tuesday Oct. 3. Photo used with permission of London Osmun.

Sawyer Osmun, Reporter

Some students quickly worship, play games and eat donuts on Tuesdays as they gather in the LGI at seven in the morning for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meeting.

FCA is a student-led club that services all athletes of any sport. FCA also includes students who are not necessarily affiliated with sports.

This year, FCA is now including small groups for students to collaborate and discuss scriptures and other topics. 

“Hopefully people can get to know the people in their small group and it will be like a time where they can come together and pray for each other and each week they can see the same people again,” FCA sponsor and PE teacher Lauren Vail said.

According to Vail, FCA has the same mission as CRU, another Christian-based club for students to worship and collaborate with each other.The difference between the two clubs is the time and day that the two clubs hold their meetings. Both clubs work together with one another.

“The mission [of CRU and FCA] is to spread the word of God to all students,”  Vail said. “If a kid can’t come at night, then FCA is there for them in the morning and if a kid can’t come in the morning, then CRU is there for them at night. FCA does target more to the athlete by incorporating the word of God into athletics.”

FCA puts their word out their word by distributing popsicles and cards to remind athletes of the meeting times.

“The biggest thing I want them to know is that we’re there and we would love to have you, even if you’re not an athlete,” Vail said.