Senior establishes Project 7 to set for FHS tradition


Senior club leader Tori Scalf goes through presentation over P7 (Project 7) on Thursday, Nov. 9 on special service teacher and P7 club sponsor Angie Schneider’s classroom in room A234. Photo by Sawyer Osmun.

Sawyer Osmun, Reporter

Senior club leader of Project 7 (P7) Tori Scalf gained the inspiration to create another religious club for students to gain leadership and lend a helping hand and strengthen their relationship with God.

P7 is a national club that other schools around the US integrate into their extracurriculars, and Scalf wanted P7 integrated into the school by reaching out to special service teacher and P7 club sponsor Angie Schneider to make it happen. Scalf had participated in volunteering opportunities in the community through her church and looked at similar projects she’s done in the past to hold as community service projects for club members to pursue.  

“When I told my mom I wanted to start a club like this at school, she was super supportive which motivated me to find the right sponsor and the right projects to incorporate into a group like this,” Scalf said. “My brother will be a freshman next year and told me that he’d take on my tradition that I’ve set. Even though I’m a senior, that doesn’t mean I can’t start a new club like this for students to feel impacted and loved.”

As FHS holds a variety of Christian clubs for students to become apart of, P7 involves more action for students to volunteer in community service projects outside of school. Clubs such as CRU and FCA meet weekly. unlike P7 which spreads out their meeting dates. P7 bases off of service projects, more-so than CRU and FCA, which incorporate more activities for students such as small groups and discussions.

Her main goal for this club is to link up and do a major project with CRU, whether it is a volunteer opportunity, community service in local Fishers. Scalf is trying to spread the word of P7 club to students, so linking with CRU would allow her to pursue more members.

“I wanted students to feel like they had a place where they felt comfortable and safe, which is what my club is all about,” Scalf said. “Not only do I want students to gain a closer relationship to God and the community.”

P7 meets every second and last week of each month in Schneider’s room at 3:00 in A234 both semesters for prayer, announcements, food and scripture. 

If you would like to know more about Project 7, sign up for the Remind, text @hf3979 to the number 81010.