Saint Patrick’s day promises good luck to Irish descendants


Dressed up in Saint Patrick’s day clothing, sophomore Mac McGuire poses for a photo with her siblings Kevin and Mary McGuire on Saint Patrick’s day 2014. Photo used with permission by Mac McGuire.

Carson Lilley , Reporter

Saint Patrick’s day, also known as The Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural and religious holiday that marks the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Although originally a holiday only celebrated in Ireland, many people in the United States take part in festivities as well.

“The day means good luck to my family,” sophomore Mac McGuire said. “We are a family that doesn’t always have good luck, so we hope when Saint Patrick’s day comes that it will bring us better luck.”

McGuire’s great-grandparents are from Ireland and their heritage helped build many traditions her family takes part in throughout the day.

“Every morning when we wake up there are pennies with shamrocks on them on our driveway,” said McGuire. “After we pick them up my dad usually reads us a story about a leprechaun going to a Notre Dame game.”

Afterwards, McGuire’s family dresses up and goes out to dinner together to celebrate. At the end of the day, pictures are taken to remember that year’s celebration.

“To my dad, Saint Patrick’s day is the best holiday of the year,” McGuire said. “Nothing else is above it. That’s basically how it is for the rest of us too.”

In Indianapolis, citizens can take part in Saint Patrick’s day celebrations by participating in the Shamrock Run & Walk or the Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration.