Seniors “Bell”ebrate their high school years


Senior Kirstie Brooks flashes her Indiana Wesleyan University flag as she smiles for the camera next to the bell on Friday May 4. Photo by Sawyer Osmun.

Sawyer Osmun, Reporter

Ding-Dong! Senior’s went to the CCA on Friday, May 4 during their lunch periods to a table with scattered flags blanketed on top,  awaiting each students’ hands. Academic counselor Linda Brown stood at the end of a table behind a platter of cookies for seniors to enjoy as they waited their turn in line for a picture and a chance to ring the bell.

“I think this day is awesome because the seniors have worked so hard and long to set goals and reach their goals and now it’s sort of just a celebration to congratulate them so I love it because I know that they have so many exciting things waiting for them, so I think it’s great,” Brown said.

The bell ringing has been a day purposed to seniors who are on the road to graduation as they inch towards their last few weeks of high school. Students that have committed to college receive a paper flag with their name and that college displayed on the front. The school collected this information via a survey on Naviance.

“Planning this whole thing for seniors was a little stressful because the seniors don’t always do what we need them to do to make sure we can get everything ready for them, but we will follow up if we have missed something, so it’s a little stressful getting it all together,” Brown said.

FHS has had the bell ringing day for seniors every spring as a new class steps in and gets towards commencement day, which falls on June 2 this year. The bell ringing day anticipated for senior students is not only meant for seniors going onto college, but for all seniors in general.

“It’s really not just about college; we want to celebrate all students and there are a lot  who have done other things like completing their EMT or they’re going to be a CNA and they have other career goals,” Brown said. “They could be going into [a trade] and I want to celebrate all those things too.”