Candygrams give back to those in need


Photo by John Yun.

Junior Luke Gilligan watches over his candygrams which he sold on Nov. 28.

Rebekah Schultz, Reporter

Candy grams sold in the CCA went toward making “snack packs” for kids in poverty around Indiana.

This idea came from junior Luke Gilligan being challenged by his business class to find a problem in the community and attempt to fix it.

Gilligan first wanted to help Guatemala but because of the US base stations not allowing that, so they partnered with Youths Assistance program to help local kids around Indiana in poverty.

“We realized what’s wrong with our world and where we live, so we wanted to help the people around us,” said Gilligan.

There have sold around 100 candy grams in total and have made around $100 everyday, although Gilligan had hoped that they would make $150 each day.

“There’s a lot of poverty in the different counties of Indiana, especially in Hamilton County, and people don’t usually realize that,” said Gilligan.