iPhone 13: into the future


Photo credits: Apple

iPhone line-up featuring new iPhone 13 and colors against other models.

     Devoted Apple supporters await the release of the new iPhone each year, excited to see the new features Apple has brought to the table. Some even consider watching the live event about the updates as an annual tradition.  

     This year’s Apple conference happened on Sept. 14, where Apple announced the new iPhone 13, as well as new devices like the Apple Watch Series 7, iPad (9th generation) and updated iPad Mini. The September conference is the first of many this year, and other products are expected to get a refresh during the Spring event and the June Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). There is not yet a determined date for these meetings. 

     This year’s iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini come in five colors, starlight, midnight, blue, pink and product red. The iPhone Pro and Pro Max models, come in a different set of colors: silver, graphite, gold and sierra blue. 

     “I really like the blue,” sophomore Emma Riddle said. “I think that some of the iPhone colors are super aggressive, like the red and yellow. This is a color that goes with everything.”

     The prices for the new iPhones are as follows: iPhone 13 starting at $799, iPhone 13 Pro starting at $999, iPhone 13 Pro Max starting at $1099 and the iPhone 13 mini starting at $699.

     Apple has cut the 64GB option from their new line of iPhones. Now, the lowest amount of storage offered is the 128GB option. With the cut of the 64GB, Apple has introduced another tier of storage for the new iPhones. They now offer 1 TB of storage in the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max options, with a price increase. 

     “While the products they make are of value, there are no significant changes made to their products to warrant buying this year’s lines of products,” senior Bradley Lister said. “I personally have an iPhone XR, and I haven’t felt like it’s had any issues or that I need a new one.” 

     Another updated feature is the A15 Bionic chip, with a new 6-core CPU with two processing cores and four efficiency cores. Apple markets this chip as the fastest on the market. The phone also has a 5-core GPU and a new 16-core neutral engine. 

     Battery life has additionally improved from previous years. The iPhone 13 has 19 hours of playback, while the iPhone 13 Pro has 22 hours of playback. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has 28 hours of playback and the iPhone 13 mini has 17 hours of playback. 

     “I don’t think it’s worth it because my battery lasts pretty much all day for me, and I have a 2020 SE,” Riddle said. “Who needs a bigger screen? I already have enough trouble fitting my phone into my pocket.”

     The iPhone has been announced but is only available for pre-order until Sept. 24. The iPhone will take about two to four weeks to ship, but iPhones will still be available in walk-in stores on Sept. 24.