College application options

Students explain the type of application they used for college admissions.


Graphic by Sophia Krueger.

A graphic displaying the screen of a completed Common App information section.

   For students around the world, the deadline to apply for early action to college is quickly approaching. Applying for early action allows students to receive a college decision much earlier than students applying for regular decisions. With only about one month left to meet this deadline, many Fishers High School students have begun their college applications.

   In 2022, there are several ways to apply to college. Senior Tina Atmani chose to use the Common App to apply to most of her schools.

   “I figured Common App was probably the most effective way to apply to all my colleges as I could have everything set in one website…so that I’m not scrambling around websites of different colleges looking for where my information is,” Atmani said. “It even tells you when the deadline is.”

   The Common App is accepted by more than 1,000 colleges according to their official website, making it a popular option amongst college applicants.

   “I knew a bunch of seniors last year who used Common App and recommended it to me,” Atmani said. “It was also school recommended, so I thought it would be the easiest way to apply.”

   Senior Allie Laverty chose a different form of application to get into her future school, Harding University.

   “I did apply early through [the Harding University] website as I was contacted by the school and given a code to apply for free,” Laverty said. “I actually have a personal connection with the Dean of Students on campus as he’s been a part of a summer camp I’ve gone to for years.”

   After spending three weeks of her summer on campus, Laverty says she felt confident about her future at the school and only applied to Harding University.

   “When I came home, I did reconsider applying other places, but [with] the stress my friends have experienced as they apply…I decided it was not worth the time or money,” Laverty said.

   As Atmani finalizes her Common App, she echoes a similar feeling about the application process.

   “I have definitely felt stressed about applying with early action and early decision,” Atmani said. “I think it’s because the seniors jumped right into school without much of an opportunity to seek help for college applications. We are on our own for this.”