Math teacher Michael Ryan enjoys first year at Fishers so far

Parker Willsey

Algebra and Geometry teacher Michael Ryan is a graduate of Purdue (class of 2004) and after having taught at Norwel High School outside of Fort Wayne for two years and Indianapolis Pike for the last five years, he has decided to teach at Fishers. According to Ryan, Fishers was an easy decision.

“Fishers is one of the best schools in the state and internationally. It’s been nationally recognized by various news outlets and published reports saying how good a high school it is, and, fortunately, it’s right around the corner from my house,” Ryan said, “so it gives me an opportunity to be closer to my family and then also work with an unbelieveable staff and a great group of students who are some of the best in the nation.”

Ryan says that he is most looking forward to helping his students become the best they can and establishing a strong foundation to build upon to be more successful in their math classes.

“The thing that I really enjoy about Fishers is just the culture of excellence among staff members, among students. I would just say that the camaraderie and the feeling of just being the best and striving to be the best is a thing that really sets Fishers apart from other schools,” Ryan said.

You can contact Ryan at his email: [email protected]