Instructional assistant coaches soccer

Miranda Lyons, Cartoonist/Reportive

Instructional assistant, Ben Reimann, is satisfied here with his new positions as a Boys’ Varsity Soccer Coach and a Study Hall Instructional Assistant.

Graduating from Ball State and majoring in Business Administration, Reimann is a Boys’ Varsity Soccer Coach. He became interested in the school after finding an open slot for a job for soccer coaching. He also got a job as a study hall instructional assistant as well.

One thing that Reimann likes here is the closeness of the students. He believes that the less separation between students socially is a plus.

“I like that the kids here aren’t in as many cliques. At other schools I was at, there were more than there are here,” Reimann said.

Now being a part of the staff, Reimann’s goal is to make FHS as good as it can be.

“Fishers is one of the top schools in the state,” Reimann said. “So I really hope that I can help be a part of it and keep it as one of the top schools in the state.”