Club Med for students interested in medical careers


Troy Dickens, Business Manager/ Web Editor

crossPeople with illnesses, injuries and fatalities call upon doctors or physicians to help them feel better. Club Med is a club for students who have an interest in the medical field. Science teacher Lance Kuhn supervises the club and their activities in room B116 on the third Thursday of the month.

In the past semester club med has gone on a field trip to the  Medical Academic center in carmel. The center works on back surgery and knee surgery for patients and some of the students got to observe the body.

“We are in the process of scheduling another visit, which will probably happen next semester,” Kuhn said.

Kuhn’s goal for the club is to show students what the different opportunities in the medical field are in the world and what to do with those opportunities. Kuhn allow speakers to come in and talk to the students.