Math Team: Easy as π

Luka Skudrzik, Reporter

If a student likes math and wants to academically compete, then math team is the club for them. They meet six times a year to prepare for competitions. Competitions will be held at various local universities in Indiana. Participants will work on various areas of math that will be seen at the contests.

Anybody who is interested and enjoys a challenge can join the team. No specific math class is needed for entry. This benefits students by expanding their mathematical curriculum which can help in standardized testing and overall math skills. Currently, there are 50 people signed up.

“I think a student who enjoys doing math and wants more of a math experience than what the time allows for during class, I think it is a good opportunity for them,” math teacher Erin Ingwerson said. “Also, students who like to compete but aren’t necessarily involved in other competitive activities like sports; its a good option for students who like to compete but math is their strength.”

Last year, they placed first in three of the four University contests (at Franklin College, Butler Scavenger Hunt, IUPUI ). The math team also placed first in Hamilton County in the Indiana Math League.

The sponsors for the math team are Ingwerson and math teacher Louise Werner. If anyone has questions about times and meetings can stop by rooms B109 and B111 in the math hallway.