We the People Team places 4th nationally

Ryan Ahler, Copy Editor

From April 25 to 28 the FHS We the People  team made their first ever trip to the national competition in Washington, D.C. The team was made up of 18 students and five sponsors. Even though they were rookies, FHS finished fourth overall, from a field of 56. The field is made up of the winner of each state’s own we the people competition and six wild cards.

“Our initial goal was to make the top 10. I felt going in that we really had a chance to win it. Are we happy with fourth? Absolutely!” social studies teacher and acting coach Mark Pierson said.

We the People is a match where two teams compete by using their knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and congressional hearings.

The FHS We the People team is made up of seniors taking a special ACP Government class, which is a college course offered at FHS and its class members are a part of the team.

The team was faced with the problem of their coach, social studies teacher Liz Paternoster, was unable to go to national because she was having a baby. Pierson replaced her as acting coach.