D&D club campaigns for membership



Science teachers Heather Ferguson and Alex Smith introduce Dungeons and Dragons club to students at the call-out meeting on Sept. 23. Photo by Madi Calvert.

Madi Calvert, Editor in Cheif

This fall, students can fight battles, collect treasure and have adventures in this fall’s newest club.

On Oct. 23, Dungeons and Dragons Club held their first meeting. The first meeting was held to discuss the club, not play the actual game. However, science teachers and club founders Heather Ferguson and Alex Smith have more plans to come.

Dungeons and Dragons club is played through a series of campaigns that players run. These campaigns can take weeks or even months depending on their difficulty level. The club will be playing 5E, which is the newest version of the game.

“We’ll battle certain campaigns and work our way up to different levels. I also really want to do something once a semester where we come in and order pizza and just all play for a day,” Ferguson said.

The club will meet every Friday after school until 5 o’clock. Since there were over 25 students at the call-out meeting, the group will be divided into a few different teams so that everyone has an equal opportunity to play.

“It’s a cool, creative outlet for kids and for us, so we thought it’d be something neat to try. It involves a lot of critical thinking and problem solving as well,” Ferguson said.

Each player’s game experience depends on the character they build. Plus, each player has to make key decisions along the way, weighing the benefits and drawbacks of every choice. This allows them to experiment with creativity and strategy.

For more information, visit H212 for a permissions slip, or contact Ferguson here or Smith here.