Dare to Dance Club allows girls to step outside their comfort zones


Members of the Dare to Dance Club practice contemporary dance, one of the four dances they practice. Photo by Hallie Gallinat

Hallie Gallinat, Reporter

Some girls find dancing to come naturally. Others find it to be hard and challenging. For girls who want to learn how to dance, or those who want something fun to do after school, there is the Dare to Dance Club.

The club meets in Erica Kelly’s room every Tuesday from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. Dare to Dance club was started and is taught by sophomore Danya Taber.

“I really wanted to make a club like this for a long time and I have always wanted to teach a class. I wanted to make a club that would help girls build more confidence,” sophomore Danya Taber said.

Dare to Dance offers four different styles: hip hop, ballet, contemporary and samba. Each week, the members may choose what kind of dance they would like. There is no cost to get in the club, and participants do not have to be skilled dancers to join.

“In other dance clubs like the Dance Team, girls have to try out and they feel shy. I wanted this to be a safe place for girls who can and cannot dance. It is something that is fun and if the girls do not like it, they do not have to stay,” Taber said.

If you have questions about the Dare to Dance Club, contact Erica Kelly at  [email protected].