Chess club checks some more mates


Chess club members Noah Brandt and freshman Peyton Forbes play a game of chess. Photo by Hallie Gallinat

Hallie Gallinat, Reporter

For kings at the board game, or for beginning pawns, chess club is available for everyone to come and play.

Junior Noah Brandt started the club last year, and it has continued this year with the same sponsor, Ryan Duffy. Chess club meets every Thursday in room B104.

“At the junior high, I noticed that they had a huge chess club, like forty to fifty people. When I came here, this school didn’t have a chess club. So I went to Mr Duffy, who was my geometry teacher at the time, and he was on board with it,” Brandt said.

Members of all skill levels are invited, even beginners. Members like Brandt teach members who have never played the rules and winning techniques.

“We do teach chess to people, I’ve done that a few times,” Brandt said. “We get many people who don’t know how to play, so they come in to learn.”

Tournaments may be held in the future for the club, however, it has yet to happen this year.

“We are going to try to do tournaments this year, over the past few years we have not. We are going to see if HSE has a chess club, and we’ll try to compete against them,” Brandt said.