Winter percussion closes out auditions


Students hoping to be in the drum line head to practice. Photo by Ethan O’Sullivan.

Ethan O'Sullivan, Reporter

Drum line auditions for Winter Percussion occurred on Monday night from 3 to 6 in the band hall. Students practiced various body movements and warm-ups, and were taught how to play cymbals; an assortment which some students were surprised by.

“The things we did were much more rigorous than previous years,” senior Madison Good, who has been working with the winter percussion since her sophomore year, said.

So far, auditions have been a battle.

“It’s been a little emotional for some people based on whether they get the role they’re looking for,” center tenor drummer Justin Heasley said.

Students have been working hard each day to hone their skills as they prepare for their auditions, and if all goes well, to prepare for future performances when they get their role.

“Every day I come to the practice rooms and work on improving my visuals, then I go to the LGI and work on my body movements.” Good said.

There are three possibilities for students to audition each year. The first two took place on November 18 and 22, which leaves November 23 as the last opportunity for students interested in drum line to audition. General information on winter percussion can be found on the FHS Percussion website.