Clippinger returns to French classes

Jordyn Didier

Although she is not completely new to the school, French teacher Cara Clippinger returns to the staff ready to begin teaching once again part-time.
Clippinger, originally from Columbus, OH, came to Indiana when she attended Depauw University for French and education. Clippinger worked at the school for five years when it was still a freshman campus. After taking time off to stay home with her now three-year-old son, Clippinger returned to once again teach French.
Focusing on her goals as a returning French teacher, she would like her students to enjoy class and not see it as hard work.

Clippinger had only a part-time job at NorthView Middle School during her time off, but her return here is based on how she felt about teaching here before.

“I love being back. It is a really positive environment and its really great to see the teachers that I was friends with when I worked here before again,” Clippinger said.