Nurse’s attention aids single student

Troy Dickens

As a one-on-one nurse, nurse Beth Mahoney spends her time helping her student get to class. It is her first year being a one-on-one nurse in a high school, but her third year as one overall.

Mahoney knew that she wanted to be a nurse during her junior year of high school. She knew she wanted to have a job that would allow her to help people. Mahoney attended Indiana Wesleyan University where she got her degree in nursing.

Mahoney moved to FHS when the student she works with one-on-one became a freshman. While Mahoney has encountered a few challenges, her time at the high school has been well spent.

“ I have loved it here at Fishers so far,” said Mahoney, “even though it is very big and hard to get around. My personal goal for this year is to keep my student healthy and make sure she doesn’t miss any days of school.”